A Beautiful Gift for My Soul


Today something beautiful arrived on my front porch. I love snail mail. I like paper in my hands but boxes are even better. A sweet friend of mine, Lexi, over at www.scribblesandcrumbs.com, got a box last week, so I had to check it out for myself. Being bold and inquisitive, I sent an email to the ladies behind www.laurelbox.com.

I shared my story (and so many of your’s) about being a foster mom and wondered if they had a box designed for us. You need to know, these people are like a warm biscuit dripping with honey. If you grew up in the South, like me, you know that’s code for good for your soul. They responded so quickly with such a personal touch that made me feel cozy.  Such a good word. And a fuzzy feeling.


I’ve lost eight foster babies in three years. It gets familiar but not easy.

Losing my last baby brought so much grief. The pain was surprising and raw and deep. A chunk of my heart was permanently removed. It’s not an easily relatable ache because so few walk this beaten path. It’s often isolating and lonely.

I’ve questioned my emotions and wondered if what I’m feeling in these dark moments is right, or normal, or okay. I’ve also wondered if anyone really cared about my tears. Or cared enough to try to understand the pain.

**let me be clear that our family is uniquely held and loved by an incredible community of people but I know so many others walk this rocky road very much alone. 

And that’s why this beautiful brown box greeting me at my front door was a salve to my soul…


Can we just appreciate the beauty of the colors and the freshness of it all?


And this tea towel. And those words.


But this is the best part of it all…A handmade super hero cape for my incredibly brave kids. They fight this battle with us.

The purity of our children’s hearts in this mess is refreshing.


My big E was delighted.



I told little e that this cape was for moments she needed to feel brave and strong and safe when she missed baby G and our other kiddos.


She’s got a flare for the dramatic.


There was also plantable seed paper that we get to bury in our garden. We are looking forward to watching it blossom into a beautiful flower as we remember each of these little lives that have gracefully danced through ours.

Please check out my new friends Denise and Johanna at http://www.laurelbox.com/collections/foster-moms-and-families/products/foster-moms.

They are precious and their hearts for grieving women are a blessing to my soul.

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