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Life hasn’t gone the way we planned. I dreamed of being a big sister but I never got that wish granted, so I settled for motherhood. God is somehow using using us, ordinary people, to reveal his grace and desires to our community.

I married my college boyfriend and we’ve been fumbling through marriage and life together. We have five forevers and other kiddos who come and go. We never really know what the day will hold. And this is foster care.

God has grown our hearts for foster care and we love pushing others to listen to his call on their lives to get messy with people in their own community.

I’m so in need of God’s grace-aren’t we all?

I love hearing from other foster mamas and folks who know this road well. Or maybe you’re not walking the road yet, but you WANT to know it. Leave me a note.

I also love sharing our story of redemption and hope in a transparent forum.

Zach and I would love to speak at your conference or church about any part of our journey.



  1. Allison Phillips | 21st Jan 15

    Hi there! I was just introduced to your blog by my sweet friend, Erin (LeBoeuf) Clymer (she said you were sorority sisters in college). 🙂 We recently became a foster family, and it is always so nice to meet other families that are on the same journey. I live in Ocala and am thankful for this new connection. I LOVED this latest blog post and can’t wait to read some more. Many Blessings to you and your family as you choose to love others deeply!!! Allison Phillips

  2. Allison Phillips | 21st Jan 15

    Oops! Didn’t realize that my comment would show up for the world to see. 😉 I guess I was thinking it would send as an email. Please feel free to delete that after you read it. 🙂 Ha!

  3. Natalie | 1st Jul 15

    I just met you last night at Barbara’s jewelry party and hunted down your blog lol! I’ve only read one post and the tears are spilling down my cheeks! Thanks for your openness and honesty about being a foster parent – it’s something I hope to take on in the future!

  4. RJ Walters | 12th Aug 15


    What’s your email address? Your friends at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes would love to have it on file to communicate with you 🙂

    Thanks for all you do!

    You can email me at

  5. matteo4 | 28th Feb 16

    I am really enjoying your blog. Do you hope to adopt, or is your heart set on fostering alone?

    • Kristy | 15th Mar 16

      We will most likely foster until the Lord leads another way.

      • matteo4 | 13th Apr 16

        How could I ask you more questions about foster care?

  6. Lola arellano pegg | 31st Oct 16

    We, too, have 4 children of our own. We are interested in fostering a child. Life has been very good to us and I would love to help another.

  7. Tabitha Alexander | 22nd Apr 17

    We just started fostering. We have our first two girls in our home now, Along with our four bio babies. Looking forward to reading so many of your posts .

    • Kristy Sutton | 22nd Apr 17

      Praying for all your steps to come.

  8. Tabitha Alexander | 22nd Apr 17

    Are you in Jacksonville FL?

    • Kristy Sutton | 22nd Apr 17


  9. Jen Susan | 6th Sep 17

    My husband and I will be “official” foster parents in October. Looking forward to reading your blog for support and encouragement! Thanks for sharing your story and opening your home.

    • Kristy Sutton | 21st Sep 17

      Thank you Jen!!!

      I am praying for your details in the journey!

    • Kristy Sutton | 22nd Oct 17

      Yay Jen!!! Praying for you!!!!

  10. Stephanie | 13th May 18

    Hello😊 Happy Mothers Day! Ran across your link to your blog mother’s day for a foster mom… thank you so much it absolutely ministered to my heart… My husband and I have been doing this for 4 years now..
    we foster children with special needs.. It is definitely the hardest job I have ever done in my life. But yet so rewarding to know that we are extending love and care to the least of these… children that the world considered throw away children… But Gods sees them as priceless. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Jessica | 20th Jun 18

    My husband and I started fostering last August after infertility. We had a sweet toddler boy who we fell in love with that stayed for 6 months. 6 days after leaving we got infant twins and they’re still with us. We were set up that these would be adoption and although we do want that, my heart is really growing to foster care. I want so badly to quit my job just so I can be a full time foster mom- but after we had to say a bitter goodbye to our first little fella- I’m not sure my husbands heart is there yet. I’d love for you to pray for our journey that that we selfelessly follow the will of God.

  12. Kenya Reinhardt | 6th Aug 18

    I would love to speak with you! I am the Community Relations Coordinator for a foster care agency in South Florida,
    I see that our foster families are huge fans of yours!!!! I mean huge! I do follow you as well, and I am blessed by your writing and love your heart for the hurting! I would love to chat about you possibly visiting our area and speaking at one of our events. I think it would be an amazing surprise for our families here on the Treasure Coast!

  13. Danielle Small | 1st Nov 18

    My husband and I started considering foster care a couple years ago. We went back and forth a few times, I was willing to begin the process but he wasn’t, or visa versa. A couple weeks ago he brought up the topic again and we are both on the same page. My husband is also pastoring a church and we already have our hands full. And yet, we are sensing the Lord leading us to foster care. I found your blog yesterday and have been reading several of your posts. You write very well and you write in such a way that people can relate easily with you. Thank you for you ministry, not only to children and their biological parents, but also to those who walk the rough roads of foster care.

  14. Teress Miller | 30th Dec 18

    To all foster parents: God bless you for all that you do. I’m an investigator for Child Protection Services. Too often I am knocking on your doors at all hours of the night with children of all ages who have been abused or neglected in some form or fashion. You welcome these children with open arms. Its so interesting to see these sweet children bloom out of a cocoon of fear into butterflies with an array of shining colors. You give them love like they have never seen. You give them a chance to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Your love is unconditional. You are true heros and I can’t thank you enought for all that you do!

  15. caroline | 23rd Sep 22

    Hey! Found your blog through Real Moms Podcast with Jamie Finn. I’m local to Jax FL and have friends who foster. My husband and I are looking into stepping into this journey!
    Love your posts!

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