Connections in Care


I met my first birth mom four years ago.

I remember the drive, the feelings and her face.

I got her little girl dressed, drove to the mall and unloaded the car with nervous hands and an even shakier heart.

As I rounded the corner of the playground where our first meeting was set to take place, I felt my own insecurity surging unsteadily. I was met with emotions that had never even grazed the borders of my mama heart.

I watched her face light up as she saw her baby again.

She became, in that moment, just another mama.  

I watched that baby reach for her, then search her soul for the only mama she knew.

And my heart sank.

Since that day, I have met more moms on playgrounds and sterile visitation rooms.

I’ve wrestled with myself as I’ve encountered bio mom after bio mom. I haven’t always felt those kind emotions. Sometimes I have punched grace and mercy right in the face as my love for someone else’s baby takes flight and my need to be right and firm and just stands tall. And other moments, I have found myself sobbing with a mama for reunification and reconciliation and in the same breath listing the reasons she’s not fit to take care of anyone.

And there in my confusion, I have grasped the inconceivable-these babies are our connectors. 

I have hugged a birth mom and felt the palpable pain that she can do nothing about. She’s alone and searching. Or she’s given up because the fight has defeated everything she’s given. The system is too powerful and the people don’t really care. So many remain silent and she’s left to defend the only life she’s ever known.

But her power isn’t enough.

And she needs to know she’s not really alone.

#projectconnect is giving foster moms an avenue to connect with birth moms across our system.

Would you consider partnering with us this month?

We are using these beautiful Keep It Personal necklaces to make connections and build relationships, to share hope and walk toward redemption.

For every necklace purchased, one will be gifted to a local birth mom while she works to reunify with her children. Or one will be gifted to a local foster mom while she walks this difficult and life changing journey.



You can find our project on

Thank you for equipping us to connect.

Stories from this project will be spotlighted and shared here over the coming months, so please pray for us as we use this simple gift to connect.


  1. Mary Griffis | 26th Apr 16

    This is awesome Kristy. I still need to pay for mine. ☺

    Mary Griffis, BA
    Licensing Specialist

    O: 352.672.6112 C: 904.253.0931
    3700 NW 91st ST., Suite B-300
    Gainesville, FL 32606

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  2. Sue Westby | 27th Apr 16

    Need to post the site where to order the necklaces. Difficult to get it from the videa

  3. Jessica | 27th Apr 16

    Is there a website or somewhere where we can see the different options? I think I’d like to order one for my foster daughter’s mom, but I’m a little confused as to the process.

  4. Kristy | 27th Apr 16



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