Pro-life PERIOD

Pro-life talk is everywhere. I hear people protesting and yelling about the rights of the unborn. I see people typing behind the safety of handheld devices. I hear opinions of when life begins and ends and all the in between.

I know there’s anger and justifiable frustration behind the words as people do their best to advocate for life. But pro-life is more than speaking your opinion about the value of life in the womb.

If we are pro-life (and not just anti-abortion) our lives should look more like it. We must be willing to die to ourselves to save the lives of others.

There’s more than a line to draw in the sand. There’s not just a fetus to speak up for. There’s also a mama, woman, a valuable life. The storyline has two valuable lives.

Over the years, we’ve brought home many fragile new lives as biological and foster parents. I’m forever thankful for their mother’s choice to let them live. It’s sometimes a daunting decision for them and the impact is eternal.

This pro-life choice our family makes over and over and over again is never convenient. It’s always overwhelming and uncomfortable. It always costs us something-convicted choices always do.

I’ve missed birthdays and soccer games and school plays and date nights. I’ve surrendered my free time and me time and all the in between time for this calling. It doesn’t make me a martyr. It makes me willing and available and breakable.

And it’s given way to the hope for life in ways I never thought I didn’t know. I’ve been on the front row for watching new life breathed into places wrapped in despair and sorrow. I’ve handed babies over to other caregivers and I’ve been allowed to be part of their story forever. Nothing is more breathtaking than sewing into someone else.

We must continue to check our hearts and ask ourselves if we really are pro life. Because if we are, we will also be pro-family, pro-community, pro-sacrifice, pro-healing, pro-connection, pro-wholeness.

Let your passion drive you to action. We need a lot more movement because talk is cheap and our world has enough words.


  1. Sara Peters | 20th Oct 18

    As a 20+ year foster mom veteran, I say yes and yes to your words. To all Jesus lovers everywhere: “Let your passion drive you to action.”

  2. Kara | 14th Nov 18

    My parents raised me knowing what it meant to be prolife:pro woman,pro family,pro child. And being prolife means supporting the woman and family throughout the years as the child grows.
    I’ve always looked for a way to show my prolife commitment to the moms and their families. I’m thankful for each child and I pray that now I can be a living example of what it means to be prolife even years after the child is born.

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